DFW Attic Tent Installation

attic tent"The Attic Tent is unique because it deals with one of the main problems affecting the performance and efficiency of an HVAC system and that is "infiltration" or air loss.  The whole concept of conditioning a space is based on controlling the variables that affect that space.  The Attic Tent actually works with the HVAC system to optimize performance.  When a system is operating, the structure/envelope is either in a negative or a positive pressure, depending on the condition of the air distribution system.  A house or occupied dwelling of any sort must maintain a slight positive pressure at all times.  The purpose of this is to prevent unfiltered externals from being drawn into the condition space, thus affecting the indoor air quality (IAQ).  I have measured the air loss from the pull down attic stairs of my own home and converted it to BTU's.  We calculated approximately a half ton of cooling loss through this area.  Before and after tests have been performed with the Attic Tent and conclude that it does effectively stop air movement through the attic access area."

Rick Pressley, Air Balancing Specialists
Air Diagnostics, Inc.

Seal N Shield® Walk-in Attic Door Cover

The Seal N Shield® Attic Door Insulator is a simple, easy-to-install solution to a major problem in homes – heat transfer from the attic (in the summer) or from the home (in the winter). There are 3 issues to consider when talking about attic heat transfer:

  •  There is air leakage caused by warped doors and torn gaskets on access doors.
  •  Heat escapes by traveling through solid objects, either escaping through the attic in the winter time or migrating into the living spaces in the summer time.
  •  Heat is radiated from the roof into the living area the same way that heat travels from a stove to your hands when you place your hands near the burner.

attic door insulator, attic door insulation, save money on my electric billsNow you can use the Seal N Shield® Attic Door Insulator to effectively seal and insulate your attic access door. The Seal N Shield® Attic Door Insulator prevents radiant heat from entering your home in the summer and leaving your heated areas in the winter. Described simply, the Seal N Shield® Attic Door Insulator attaches to the attic side of the knee wall framework. It, in effect, seals off the opening in your attic, stopping either the super-heated or super-cold air in the attic from invading the living area.

The unit is made of multilayered foam with radiant barriers on both sides. It has an effective R value of 9.7 and has a zippered opening for access to the attic spaces. It is a green product, is recyclable and is safe for everyday use. The Seal N Shield® Attic Door Insulator is manufactured in the U.S. from materials that have been used in homes for decades by homeowners, and all components of Seal N Shield® products are sourced from U.S. companies.

Standard Sizes:

24"x48" knee wall door
24"x80" full size door
Custom Sizes Available

Install a Seal N Shield® Attic Door Insulator today and start saving on your utility bills!