3 Reasons To Pay More Attention To Your Attic

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The Importance of Your Attic Space

My kids (they’re 6, 4 and 2) and I were in the attic putting away storage items today…they love being in the attic! And they asked me, “Daddy, why do you spend so much time in the attic? Why do you work in the attic? Although hard to explain to a 4-year-old, it makes a lot of sense that the pathway to the thermal performance of your home is THROUGH THE ATTIC. The attic has such a huge impact on air quality, comfort in your home, and energy savings. As I started to explain this to my kids they started to understand that when you fix the main problem (in any situation), all the symptoms can be corrected as well!


1. The pathway to air quality leads through your attic.


Dust, rodent leave-behinds, old storage items, bacteria (mold and mildew) – Yes, your attic is a strange environment. The materials in your attic can, and eventually will infiltrate your duct and HVAC system, and can be pulled through your sheetrock seams and electrical penetrations in your ceiling. All of this can create a huge air quality issue. We can fix it! Tidy up ductwork, seal up your HVAC units, remove old insulation and foam seal your attic floor. Solve the air quality issue by solving the attic issues.


2. The pathway to energy savings is through your attic.


When it’s extremely hot in your attic your HVAC equipment struggles. When it’s extremely cold you need that separation between your living space and the attic. You have to control the attic environment if you want to control the way your systems perform – ultimately saving money on energy bills.


3. The pathway to comfort goes through the attic too.


When you address these issues and gain control of the materials in your attic and the environment your systems are operating in, you control the comfort of your home. Efficient HVAC systems and safe insulation materials equal lower energy bills, better air quality, and home comfort year-round!

So why is the attic so important? It’s because it’s the pathway to comfort, air quality and energy savings. It’s worth the time we spend educating and working in the craziest place in your house: your attic!

Give us a call! We’d love to come change your attic situation and go through that space to make a difference in your home. 

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