SunRise™ Solar Fans Can Help You Save on Cooling Costs

“They did an amazing thorough job. I was very impressed and I can already tell the difference, my upstairs is so much cooler … I wish I had done this when I moved in to the home!!”

-Alex O.
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SunRise™ Solar Fans can save you on your cooling costs!

We use a 3-part Energy Reduction System (ERS System) to make your home or office as energy efficient as possible, save you money on heating and cooling costs, reduce your carbon footprint on the environment and improve indoor air quality.

We provide long-term, real solutions that increase your home’s sustainability and protect your family throughout the year.

All SunRise™ Solar Fans come fully assembled and can be installed in under an hour.

No electrical hookup needed!

Proper attic ventilation will:

  • Extend your roof’s life
  • Save you money on air conditioning
  • Reduce the chance of ice damming
  • Make your home more comfortable
  • Prevent mold growth and fungal decay

All without costing you a penny to operate


  • Attic temperature rises to 80° and fan turns on.
  • Once it cools to 65° the fan will shut off.
  • If evening comes and temp does not fall below 65° to reset the switch, then the unit will start the next morning at sunrise and continue to cool the attic.
  • If the attic temp falls below 65° at night, then the switch will shut off and will not turn the unit on again until attic temp reaches 80°.

Solar Fan Models

Any of our solar fans can be ordered with a Thermostat,
or you can add one to an existing fan.

Great for DRY climates!

Standard Flat-Base style is used on normal pitched roofs

The Sunrise Solar Powered Attic Fan has a 25 year Limited Warranty.

SunRise FB1250FT

SunRise FB1250FT
With Thermostat

1650-2000 sf – 20 watts

SunRise FB1650FT

SunRise FB1650FT
With Thermostat

2000-2400 sf – 36 watts

SunRise FB1050FT

SunRise 2000 Flat Base
with Remote 50W
Panel and Thermostat

2000-2400 sf – 50 watts

What Our Clients Say

I highly recommend Energy Attic. Guy & his associates did our attic approximately 5 years ago & every summer that I go into my attic , I feel this was one of the best improvements we did on our home!
- Neelambari J.
They did an amazing thorough job. I was very impressed and I can already tell the difference, my upstairs is so much cooler ... I wish I had done this when I moved in to the home!!
- Alex O.
I highly recommend Energy Attic for your attic needs. The difference that it made was definitely noticeable!! The guys were always prompt, listened to what we needed, and were very efficient. Job well done!!!!
- Jill R.

More About Our Solar Fan Products

without solar fans hot attic
with solar fans cool attic

The Environmentally Friendly Way to Cool and Protect Your Attic and Roof

General Specifications for Models "SunRise 1250, 1650, and 2000"

Solar Panel: 1250 – 20-watt crystalline with tempered glass
1650 – 36-watt crystalline with tempered glass
2000 – 50-watt crystalline with tempered glass
Motor: 1–38 volt DC with external brushes
Wire: 18/2 red/black
Fan Blade: 12” diameter, 5-blade aluminum with balanced hub
Hardware: Stainless steel motor brackets, fasteners, and screen; aluminum rivets
Top and Base: UV-Stabilized ABS plastic with acrylic cap (paintable)
Airflow: 1250 – Moves up to 1250 CFM in full sunlight
1650 – Moves up to 1650 CFM in full sunlight
2000 – Moves up to 2000 CFM in full sunlight
Unit Dimensions: Height 7”, Top 25.5” x 21.25”, Flat Base 24.5” x 24.5”
Curb Base: 20.25" x 20.25"; Unit Weight: 15 lbs.

The SunRise™ is a unique, solar-powered vent fan that pulls the heat right out of your attic. It's so effective it can lower attic temperatures by as much as 50°! It is a great compliment to Energy Attic Aluminum Foil flushing the heat from the aluminum with the air movement created by the fan.

This means less heat dissipating back into your living area, less drain on your air conditioning system, and less cost to you. In fact, up to 30% less money spent on air conditioning costs alone!

In the wintertime, the SunRise™ helps equalize the temperature between the attic inside and the outside air. This dramatically reduces the risk of ice dams forming at the eaves – a feature that could save you thousands.

Reduces moisture build-up and prolongs the life of your roof. Even in newer homes that use vapor barriers, moisture can still sneak into the attic and condense on framing boards, roof decking, and insulation.

The problem may be even worse in older homes that have settled and developed cracks or air leaks around bathroom exhaust fans or light fixtures.

SunRise™ forcibly expels this warm, moist air, helping prevent the growth of mold and mildew, and significantly reducing the chance of rotting the roofing materials.

Just one SunRise™ Solar Fan is powerful enough to protect an entire home

SunRise™ uses the most advanced solar panels to collect and deliver power directly from the sun to our highly efficient 12-volt DC motor inside the power vent. With its 12”, balanced-hub, aluminum fan blade, the SunRise™ forcibly expels hot air, providing fresh, cool air to keep your attic from overheating! Our tough, weather-resistant panels collect solar energy even in reduced light and poor weather conditions and provide maximum cooling effect when it’s needed most -- in the middle of the day. The SunRise fans operate without fuel, waste, or pollution and are wind, hail, and impact resistant.

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An Energy Attic expert will come to your home and give you an honest and accurate assessment of your attic.
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We offer fiberglass, wool, and cellulose insulation. Which one is best for your home? Your Energy Attic specialist can help you decide.
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Start Saving With Radiant Barrier

Reduce attic temperatures from 20-45 degrees in Summer, and keep heat from escaping in Winter for year-round savings of up to 40% on your energy costs. An Energy Attic expert will come to your home and give you an honest and accurate assessment of your attic.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which insulation is best for my home?

The best way to determine which insulation products are right for your attic is to schedule an in-home assessment. We can take a look at your attic environment and recommend the right insulation. You can choose from fiberglass, wool, and cellulose insulation.

What are the benefits of radiant barrier?

Radiant barrier reflects 97% of thermal heat in your attic. By keeping the heat from getting into your home, you save up to 40% in energy costs. Radiant barrier is easy to install, non-toxic, and noncarcinogenic. It also exceeds all fire and smoke safety codes. Once installed, radiant barrier requires little to no maintenance over the years.

What other products and services do you offer?

We offer thermographic imaging, solar-powered attic vents, air conditioning units & duct sealing, radiant barrier duct wrapping. All of our services are designed to improve insulation, ventilation, air quality, and energy savings. We offer a comprehensive package of attic services so that you only have to work with one company.

What does an energy attic audit include?

The purpose of an energy attic audit is to prevent you from wasting money on inadequate or outdated insulation products. We perform a thorough inspection of your attic to determine how you can protect your home and lower your energy costs. We assess every area of your attic, test for proper ventilation, and perform thermal heat tests. All of our audits are honest, accurate, and have your home’s best interest in mind.

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