why is my energy bill so high

Why Is My Energy Bill so High?

In 2019, the average electricity bill for households in the United States was $115.49 per month. However, there are many other things that go into the cost of electricity. This includes where you live, how much energy you consume, and the energy efficiency of your home.  Are you wondering, “why is my energy bill so high?”  Keep reading this guide for …


How to Reduce the Heat in My Attic?

Read these tips if you’re asking how to reduce the heat in my attic and discover various solutions, like ventilation services and solar fans.

radiant barrier and new insulation by Energy Attic

Does My Attic Have Enough Insulation?

Attics are perhaps the hardest place in your home to temperature-regulate. Typically, your chilly attic – and your cold home – come from improper insulation. If your attic’s insulation is insufficient, you will lose heat from this upper floor in the colder months, which translates to increased heating costs and energy usage.