How Does Humidity Affect Comfort in My Home?

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One of the things that we’ve noticed in North Texas just in the last few years is the humidity is becoming a huge issue. And so as we’ve done a great job of insulating houses and using a radiant barrier to decrease the amount of time that your HVAC system runs, and HVAC systems are becoming more efficient and running less and maybe satisfying the thermostat quicker, humidity is now the gap between comfort and what you’re experiencing.

My AC is On But I’m Still Hot?

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You may have your thermostat set at 75 and it’s 75. You may have great insulation or an HVAC system that seems to be working, but you’re still not comfortable. Humidity is the problem that stands in between comfort and what your thermostat may say. If your thermostat says 75, but your humidity level in the house is really high, dehumidifiers will solve that problem. If we can remove eight or 10% of the humidity of your house, it’s going to make 75 feel more like 75. In other words, if your thermostat says 75 or 76, but it feels like 78, 79 or 80, that’s a humidity issue. A lot of folks seem to have a problem with comfort in these months where you really should be comfortable.

Do You Have a Humidity Issue in Your Home?

So March, April, May, before it gets to be 120 degrees outside, if you find that maybe your house is, your AC is not running a lot, but it’s still uncomfortable, that’s probably a humidity issue. What we hear and what we see a lot of times is in these offseasons where you don’t really need your AC to be running a lot, the dehumidifier bridges the gap there and removes a lot of the moisture and humidity and the feeling that it’s kinda “muggy” in your house, without your AC running.

How Does a Dehumidifier Help Make My Home Comfortable?

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Consider dehumidification as a part of the comfort process in your house. And Aprilaire has been a great partner for us. We would come in and install a unit that’s a standalone and that works in conjunction with your system to reduce humidity, make you feel more comfortable, and use your existing systems to tie together and make your house perfectly comfortable.

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