Why Is My Energy Bill so High?

why is my energy bill so high

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In 2019, the average electricity bill for households in the United States was $115.49 per month. However, there are many other things that go into the cost of electricity. This includes where you live, how much energy you consume, and the energy efficiency of your home. 

Are you wondering, “why is my energy bill so high?” 

Keep reading this guide for the top reasons why your energy bills may be increasing and for tips to lower your energy bill. 

Poorly Maintained HVAC

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If you suddenly have a high energy bill, a common culprit is a poorly maintained HVAC system. When you don’t stay up-to-date on maintenance for your heating and cooling systems, it can make them much less efficient. 

For example, even something as simple as changing the air filters in your HVAC system makes it easier for air to pass through and will help you keep your energy bill lower. 

Old Windows and Doors

When you live in an old home with old doors and windows, this can greatly impact your energy usage at home. This is because they have worn-out weather stripping that makes it easier for drafts to get into your home. 

In the summer, it will allow warm air to get inside. In the winter, it will allow cold air to get into your home. This makes your HVAC system work extra hard to regulate the temperature, which will increase your energy bills. 

Replacing your windows and doors can help keep your home insulated and reduce energy bills. Even replacing the weatherstripping around windows and doors can reduce the draftiness in your home and help regulate the temperature. 

Outdated Appliances

Many outdated appliances are known for hogging energy in your home. This is because they were not made to meet the same energy-efficient standards that newer appliances have. 

If you have old appliances, replacing them with newer alternatives can help you save on your energy bills. Some appliances that use the most energy include washing machines, dryers, and dishwashers. 

Even smaller things, like lightbulbs, can pull a lot of energy from your home. If you use incandescent light bulbs rather than LED bulbs, they will use much more energy to keep your home well-lit. 

LED bulbs last much longer and provide more energy, so it is best to switch to an energy-efficient bulb when possible. 

Overconsumption of Energy

If your energy bills have always been higher than average, there may not be one reason for this. Instead, it is likely due to an overconsumption of energy in your home. 

For example, setting your hot water heater temperature too high can waste a lot of energy. Your water heater will have to work extra hard to keep the water warm while some of the heat seeps out into the surrounding areas of your home.

Lowering the temperature of your hot water heater or insulating it will help you save money on energy bills. 

If you have children, you may notice that they regularly leave the lights on after they leave a room or that they forget to shut windows and doors. This waste of energy may be another reason your bills are climbing. 

Being more conscious of your energy usage can help you reduce your bills each month. 

Using Energy During Peak Hours

Many residential power sources set peak hours for energy usage. These are times of the day when the utility company will charge more for electricity usage and are often when the demand for energy is the highest. 

For example, you may have peak hours during the evening, when more people are home and are using their electricity. 

If this is the reason your energy bills are climbing, you can try to use less energy during the peak hours of the day. You should also talk with your electric company about peak hours when choosing an energy plan. 

Poor Insulation

attic insulation with new air ducts

Another common issue that causes high energy bills, especially in older homes, is poor insulation. If your house doesn’t have enough insulation, it will be much more drafty and will often let air escape to the outdoors. 

For example, if you have a poorly ventilated or insulated attic, it can create excess heat during the summer months. The warm air from outside will get into your home and the air-conditioned air will escape. 

This will result in your air conditioner working much longer and harder than it is used to. Luckily, you can find companies offering insulation services that instantly lower your energy usage. 

If you have poor insulation in your attic, you may also want to consider radiant barrier services for lowering energy bills. 

Faulty Meter

Finally, you could be dealing with high energy bills if you have a faulty meter. This isn’t a very common issue, but sometimes a meter will misreport your energy usage. These malfunctions will make it seem like you are using much more electricity than you are, which will increase your energy bills. 

If you suspect this problem, you can talk with your utility company to get it resolved.  

Why Is My Energy Bill So High? Get Help Today

There are many reasons why your energy bills may have climbed, from outdated and inefficient appliances to poor insulation and more. Learning about the causes of high energy bills can help you find areas to improve to lower your energy bills. 

If you’re wondering “why is my energy bill so high” and want to make your home energy-efficient,  Energy Attic can help! We provide insulation, ventilation, and radiant barrier services that can help reduce your energy consumption. 

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