Does My Attic Have Enough Insulation?

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You might have noticed that the weather’s changing a little. It’s finally getting to be a little nicer outside! We’re heading into insulation season, where your attic temperature might be a little less important because it’s no longer 100 degrees outside.

What To Look For In Your Attic

This is a great time to take a look inside your attic. You don’t have to walk around in there, just take a look. Can you see the tops of your rafters? If so, you have an insulation deficiency. Most houses in North Texas have about 4 to 6 inches of insulation. Or, you might have 10 but it’s all over the place and inconsistent. If you built your house new today it would be required to have about 14 inches of insulation. Are you at that level? Go check it out and see how your insulation stacks up.

Why Sufficient Attic Insulation is Important

In the winter time, insulation will give your house consistency in temperature from room to room, so you don’t have some rooms warm while others are freezing. Insulation will keep your warm air down inside your house where you want it, and not let it escape into your attic. You can see how important good insulation is.

Your Return on Investment

Typically, depending on the size of the house, we can get you back the money you put into insulating your house through savings in your electric bill in just 18-24 months. That’s very realistic for most of the houses we see here in North Texas.

We can save you some money and we can help keep your house more comfortable! Go check out your attic...if you can see the rafters on the floor, you have an insulation problem! Click the link below for a free estimate:


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