3 Common Causes of Damaged Attic Insulation


What to do if Your Attic Insulation Gets Damaged or Trampled

Getting Down/Putting Up Decorations

It’s a busy time in your attic during the fall and winter months, isn’t it? You’ve got Christmas decorations to bring down, Halloween decorations to put up, Thanksgiving items, etc. It’s also a good time to get your furnace or heater checked out and tuned up. That’s a lot of activity for the attic!

Rodent Activity

And not only human activity. Did you know that as it gets colder, that promotes rodent activity in your attic? This means trouble for insulation from an air quality standpoint as well as possible damage to it.

HVAC Technicians

During this season your attic sees more foot traffic, a lot of technicians, and maybe some service people. We want to be the company that comes in afterward and makes sure that everything is tidied up! We’re really good at coming in and making sure insulation is in its place. If it’s been disturbed we can top it off and recover it in some areas.

It’s really important as you, and your technicians and service people, walk through your attic to check to see if any of you have walked on insulation or compressed it with boxes or decorations or other material. If that’s happened it’s really hard to recover insulation that’s been mashed down or pressed down over the years. A lot of times we can blow in some new insulation on top of the old, but if we need to remove it and replace it we can do that too. 

Preventative Steps You Can Take This Month

So take a look in your attic whenever you go up to get your next set of decorations, or when you have your next technician in the attic to tune up your furnace. Just take a look around. If it doesn’t look like a snowstorm that’s been untouched, have us come out and we can assess whether you need more insulation, or if it just needs to be tidied and touched up. 

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