How Hail Can Damage your Insulation

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How Hail Can Damage your Insulation

This storm season has already been crazy, hasn’t it? We’ve already had several areas in and around the Metroplex get hit with some really big hail. Insurance adjusters and roofers are very busy right now! If you haven’t had any damage from extreme weather yet, we hope your luck holds out!

What Roofers and Adjusters Are Looking For On Your Roof

If you have had hail or extreme weather over the past couple of weeks, call and talk to your insurance adjuster or your roofer.  When they come out to look at damage to your roof, they’ll check shingles, gutters, solar fans and roof vents—anything on, or part of your roof. If anything on your roof is damaged, your insurance will usually cover it.

What They May Overlook

However, many times they don’t look inside your attic for damage! If you have a leak in your roof, it could be causing damage in the attic. Make sure your roofer and insurance adjuster look inside your attic for wet insulation or damage. Have them check skylight insulation, knee walls, anything like that. All these things will be covered under your insurance as well, but your adjuster has to see it in order to file a claim on it.

What To Do If There Is Insulation Damage

If you do find any damage inside, give us a call! We can come in and remove wet or damaged insulation and make sure that everything is dry inside and nothing is growing in there. Then we’ll replace it with new insulation. We can work with your insurance company to do all of that.

Storm season is crazy in North Texas! Remember, talk to your insurance adjuster and make sure they’re checking the inside of your attic. If you’ve had roof leaks, make sure they’re checking the insulation and the sheetrock. Please let us know if we need to come to a look.

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