How To Eliminate Dust in Your Home

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We've recently received a ton of questions about dust! 

Are you dusting your dresser, and then you turn around three days later and it’s like you never did anything? Same with your lampshades and kitchen countertops? We’ve had that problem too! We dust the house, and then days later it’s like we did nothing! 

Have your insulation checked

We have a couple of ways to address this problem. Most often the dust is due to the type of insulation that’s in your attic. We talk a lot about how the attic matters! The temperature of the attic, the humidity, moisture, airflow—it affects your whole house. And this is still true when it comes to dust! 

Most homes in the Metroplex have a type of insulation in the attic that turns to dust! And so naturally, that dust is going to get into your HVAC system and your ductwork. It will even come through cracks and crevices in the ceiling. 

When we come out, we check to see which type of materials you have in your attic that might be creating a dust problem. And then secondly, we check your systems to see what types of problems they have that might let them let that dust into your home. 

Have old insulation removed

Our four-step process of insulation removal is a big part of solving the dust issue. We come in and: vacuum out all the old insulation, clean up the attic, sanitize and deodorize everything, and then foam seal the cracks and crevices. This way you have zero transfer of material just through sheetrock through old penetrations, or places where cables and fans and outlets, etc. are in the ceiling. Then we put in dust-free, formaldehyde-free insulation—a material that does not break down into dust. 

Have your HVAC unit checked

Finally, we check your HVAC unit. We check around the registers and the ductwork where it connects to your unit. 

We’ve had some complaints in which people call and say, “Hey, you came and blew insulation into my attic, and now I have insulation coming out of my vents!” Bingo! This means there was a disconnection between the duct and the unit. We can identify those problems, seal them up, make sure the unit is not bringing in attic material and then putting it out into your home. 

So if you have a dust problem we have two or three solutions for you! It is definitely possible to eliminate your dust problem, or at least reduce it dramatically. Our solutions go way beyond just changing the air filter in your unit! 

Let us come in and check out the materials in your attic, your HVAC system, the vents, the registers, and the connections, and we can address these problems! 

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