How To Prepare Your Attic For Fall

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Welcome back! Today let’s talk about three areas you should be focusing on as we head into Fall. We’ve talked about these crazy Texas seasons and changing weather, 90 degrees one day and 40 the next, and then probably 90 again the next day. How can we prepare for those types of temperature swings as we head into the Fall? 

1. Check Your Insulation.

Insulation becomes very important for the consistency of the temperature in your home. Not only consistency from room to room, but consistency inside as the temperatures change outside. When we’re going from 90 degree days to 70 degree days you can control a lot of that climate and environmental change in your house by having a good consistency of insulation in your attic. 

Have us come out and we’ll check your insulation, and make sure you don’t have 6 inches in one spot but 10 in another. Maybe you’ve even got different types in there because you’ve added on over the years. If you have different consistencies or different types of insulation, that needs to be fixed. We can remove and replace or top off what you have and make sure you have room to room consistency. This will help a great deal with maintaining a consistent temperature in your house! 

2. Do You Have Proper Ventilation?

When you have a hot day, and then a cold day, and then a hot day, that creates a lot of humidity and moisture, and air issues in your attic which can affect the climate control of your home. It’s important to have a well-ventilated attic, which might include adding more soffit vents for intake or changing some of your passive ventilation to active ventilation. As we head in from 100 degree days where the attic temperature is super important to more comfortable days or colder days, ventilating the attic and preventing moisture and humidity is really important. 

We can come out and take a look at what you have in terms of exhaust and intake, and make sure that moisture and humidity is not an issue in your attic, and that it’s not affecting your living space.

3. Improve Your Home's Air Quality.

Allergies, allergies, allergies, right? If you suffer from allergies you may have a dust issue, a duct leakage issue, or a moisture and humidity issue in your attic. We can solve a lot of those things by coming in and looking at the duct work for your air conditioning. Is it leaking? Are we getting insulation into the unit? Do registers or duct work need to be changed out? 

Air quality is huge, so if you suffer from allergies, or if that’s a concern of yours heading into the Fall, we do have several ways to address and mediate the problem and limit the amount of your attic that’s affecting your allergies and the air that you’re breathing.

So as we head into Fall, let’s check out insulation consistency, airflow with the intake and exhaust in the attic, and air quality and all those other parts of the attic that affect it. We can come out and do all this for you. Click the button below to ensure your attic is ready for the fall months!

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