How to Protect The AC Unit In Your Attic


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We received a question through our website just the other day. A customer asked, “Hey! It’s hot outside,  and my house is hot inside. How can I cool my house down?” This customer was interested in our radiant barrier as a house-cooling solution.

Have Radiant Barrier Installed

A radiant barrier will help cool your house down, but more specifically, it will cool the attic down. Now that it’s so hot outside, your attic reaches 130, 140—150 degrees! Your air conditioning unit and your ductwork are sitting in that heat.

Check Your Attic Insulation and Ventilation

Besides our radiant barrier, insulation and ventilation are also essential to regulate the temperature of your attic. These things attack the problem at the source, which is your hot attic.

Any machinery up there, including your air conditioning system, will have a tough time operating when it’s that hot. It doesn’t have to be room temperature to cool your house, but it can’t be 140 degrees. The machinery cannot operate well under those conditions. 

Our customers are pleased when we cool the attic down 40 degrees. Once we can get your attic cooled down, that will make your whole house cooler!

Your Next Step

Schedule an appointment to have us come out to your home. We can lower your attic temperature and get your air conditioning unit performing in the environment it was designed to perform in. We will cool your house down as a result of cooling your attic! 

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