How Attic Insulation Can Lower Your Energy Bill in the Winter

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Why Attic Insulation Is Important In The Winter:

The seasons are changing. Now that it’s getting colder, insulation is going to be our number one priority here for the next few months! All summer, and really all year, we’ve been talking about controlling your attic temperature and situation. That’s still important, but as it gets cooler and we start running heaters, and the hot air rises and escapes out of your ceiling, windows and attics, your insulation levels and consistency become very important.

Comfort is our is our number one goal, year round. We want to help you be comfortable in your home, all the time! But also your energy bill is very important. In the extremes, when it’s really hot or really cold outside, you know your electricity bill can skyrocket. We can lower your electric bill in the summer, but we can also lower it in the winter too! Especially if you have electric heat.

The Difference Between Gas and Electric Heat

There’s a big difference between gas and electric heat systems, and how they perform in the winter time. Insulation becomes a huge factor in how often you have to run your heating system. If you have electric heat, you want to take a look at your insulation. This is especially true if you’re in a new house, or a house that you haven’t yet spent a winter in and don’t know how it will perform. You can really see your electric bill rise if you have to run your heater over and over and over in the winter. But whether you have electric heat or gas heat, your bill can be significantly lowered if you have the proper insulation levels.

Give us a call! We’ll come out and take a look at your levels of insulation, and see if they’re up to code, or to EnergyStar level. We’ll check out the consistency of insulation over your whole house, across the house and from room to room. Consistent insulation from room to room makes a big difference!


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