I’m Hot! Is My AC Unit Working Properly?


Is My AC Unit Working Properly?

People ask us all the time, “Why is my house so hot? Is it my air conditioner, or something else? What’s going on?”

They come home from work, their air conditioner is blowing hard, but it’s still 78-80 degrees inside the house!

If this describes your house, you might have an HVAC guy come out and check your freon levels, make sure your unit is charged and working properly. Most of the time AC systems could use more freon, or maybe there is a problem with your unit. But we’ve had AC guys out to our house, and you probably have too, who have said that the unit is working like it’s supposed to.

So what do you do when the AC repair tech says everything is working?

Our answer is this: You have to control the environment your AC system is working in—the attic space. If your air conditioning unit or ductwork or both is in a 140-degree attic while it’s trying to produce 50-60 degree air and get it into your house—there’s just no chance! Even if your AC is charged properly, or is brand new or only a few years old, you’ve got to address the space where the system is operating.

We can cool down your attic using radiant barrier, airflow, or a combination of the two. We can make sure the insulation levels are what they should be as well.

What if my system is brand new?

So even if your air conditioner is brand new, or if it’s blowing on all cylinders, it could be that it’s just too hot in the attic or around your system to properly produce or deliver cool enough air to get your thermostat down and for your system to shut off when it’s 100 degrees outside.

Action Steps:

We always recommend that you have an AC tech come out, someone you trust, to check over your unit and make sure it’s charged and in working order. Have it serviced 3-4 times a year. But also, look at the other factors in the house like your attic space and weatherization. These are all things that can affect the environment that your air conditioning system is working in, and ultimately the comfort of your house.

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