Common Attic Mistakes Homeowners Make


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Today let’s talk about three common mistakes people make when thinking about their attic or the efficiency of their home:

Not Thinking About The Attic

That’s the first mistake people make, not thinking about the attic. The truth is the pathway to air quality, energy efficiency, and home comfort is through your attic.

The biggest mistake you can make when trying to make your house more comfortable or energy efficient is not addressing your attic first. Think about insulation, ventilation, radiant barrier, and ensuring your attic isn’t 160 degrees in the summer!

That’s Step One. Once you address those issues in your attic and can control that space, you can control the comfort of your whole and your air quality and energy bill. Don’t overlook your attic!

Storing Things in Your Attic

We go to many houses where there’s this ample, nice space over the garage where you can store items, but then you go into the attic space over the house, and stuff is everywhere. A couple of problems can happen here. Sometimes you might end up storing things on top of the insulation, or boxes might fall over and block an air duct.

If possible, store your things downstairs (or get rid of them), or store them over the garage or in a storage unit. Avoid boxes and things on the insulation or close to your unit in the attic.

Not Following Up After Service Technicians

Be careful who you hire! The attic is a weird place to work and make a living, but we do it, and we do it well! You want to ensure that whoever is going into your attic, whether it’s a pest control company, HVAC company, or insulation company, treats your attic with care.

How are they leaving things? Did they check all the ductwork? Did they walk through your insulation and leave it disturbed? Has the wiring been disturbed? Go up and check with your service technician. Just take a look to make sure everything is in place, and nothing got disconnected. Often the attic is out of sight, out of mind—so take a look!

So don’t forget about your attic, don’t store things in your attic if possible, and double check who you are hiring and who will be up there by your HVAC unit and in your insulation. Let us come out, look at it, and see what shape your attic is in!

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