Should I Get My New Roof Before Adding Attic Insulation?


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Here’s a question we often get: People ask us, “Should I wait to do your program until after I get my new roof?” Sometimes people ask us this after we’ve had intense storms come through the area. They’ve got hail damage and know they’re going to replace their roof. Should they wait until that’s all done to take care of the insulation, radiant barrier, and ventilation in the attic? 

No Need To Wait To Be Comfortable

You do not have to wait to get started on having a better, healthier, and more comfortable attic. The comfort and energy savings of the radiant barrier and proper insulation are immediate. There is no reason to put that off!

Our Warranty

Nine times out of 10, a new roof will do nothing that will damage your new insulation and radiant barrier. Sometimes if you’re getting a whole new roof deck or a complete roof demo, there might be some scenarios where you’ll need to be more careful about your insulation and radiant barrier.

But remember, we give you a lifetime warranty on our radiant barrier, and we stand behind our insulation services for the home’s life. If you’re worried about future work or damage if you have another service done, there’s not another company in the Metroplex like us that stands behind our work and helps you troubleshoot to ensure everything works out perfectly. 

So the short answer is no. Don’t wait. Use our service and get your comfort levels increased and energy bills decreased as soon as you can. 

How We Work With Your Roofer

But also, we want to help you! We want to work with your roofer and HVAC contractor to create the best plan and program for your house. We do a lot of that kind of coordination. Many times if a customer already has a contractor ready to put a new roof on their house, when we go in, we like to see if what is being put on the table for ventilation will work with our system.

Often it does work. Sometimes we have to go in and make some corrections. Sometimes we will design a ventilation package that we can use to sit down with the roofer and make the best plan for the house. We’d love to answer any questions you may have; just give us a call!

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