Spring Cleaning Tips For a Clean Attic

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Tips For a Cleaner Attic

We want to talk to you about a system we’ve implemented over the last 12 months and that we’re getting great feedback on.


We’re heading into spring, and we’re grabbing on to the idea of spring cleaning. One of the areas you are probably not be thinking about when you clean your house is your attic. But we’re the attic guys, so we are thinking about your attic!


Here’s what we’ve been doing for our clients, to get their attics in great shape: We remove insulation, sanitize the whole attic, foam seal it, and block off any areas where rodents might be able to enter the house. Then we blow in new, fresh, dust-free, formaldehyde-free insulation!


Here’s what these processes look like:


1. Remove insulation

When we come into your house we’re going to vacuum out all your old, dusty, formaldehyde-filled insulation, whether it’s fiberglass or cellulose or any of the other different products that could be creating air-quality issues, getting into your system or your duct work. These things could be creating problems for you and you may not realize that your insulation is the culprit. We vacuum out all that old insulation, bag it up and take it with us!


2. Sanitize

After the insulation removal, we come through with a couple of different types of products that sanitize your attic. We take care of any kind of soiling or stain, or anything on the sheetrock. We wipe down the ductwork and your system. We’ve been very successful with an essential oil product called Thieves. We use that and a couple of other different types of essential oils. These oils are really useful for cleaning and sanitizing, and helping your air quality in general. If you’re into essential oils, you’re going to love this! We are going to make your attic look and feel clean, and smell great.


We are getting incredible feedback about this. Normally when you walk into your attic, you’re not very excited to be there. We can change that!


3. Seal

Then we work on excluding any kind of rodents, foam sealing all cracks and crevices. We take care of any areas where you might get rodents creeping in your attic.


4. New insulation

Finally, we blow in formaldehyde-free, fiberglass insulation up to the current standard insulation levels, which will make a huge difference in the comfort, sound and noise level of the house. And of course, it will make a big difference to your electric bills!


This is a new deal for us, and for the industry—not a lot of people are offering this service. Not a lot of companies talk about cleaning up your attic! But it is important to do, and it can make a difference in your air quality, your electric bill, and the comfort of your home.


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