The Importance of Protecting Your Ductwork


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The Importance of Protecting Your Ductwork

One thing we’ve always done as a company is to try things out and test them before we push them out and implement them as part of our system. We take the time to make sure things work first.

Foaming ductwork is one of these services. We’ve been trying out foaming ductwork for a while, and we have found that it makes a huge difference. We will now offer it as part of our removal/sanitizing/seal penetrations/poly seal/blowback insulation/air quality package.

Why Foaming Ductwork is Needed

Over time houses move and shift, and the old, complex ducts become disconnected, and insulation falls off them. We want to remove all that old insulation and foam the duct. This means we spray a layer of foam insulation all around the complicated duct, all the way down. We’ve found that this does two things.

First, it insulates the duct work much better than any padded or fiberglass insulation ever could. It also seals it. There is nothing better, thermally speaking, than an air seal plus insulation—nothing better for protecting your ductwork than delivering that cold air through your house.

How it Keeps Your Home Comfortable

We’ve always been about protecting your ductwork. The point of a radiant barrier is to lower your attic temperature to decrease stress on your air conditioning unit and your ductwork. If your unit is producing 50-degree air or colder and trying to push it through ductwork in a 150-degree attic—that doesn’t work! So we are going to decrease your attic temperature, but we’re also going to properly insulate your ductwork so that your 50-degree air can arrive at your living areas as close to 50 degrees as possible. 

Your Next Step

You can learn more about our ductwork services here: Air Duct Services! We will have more information on ductwork, sealing, and foaming shortly. We’d love to talk to you about any part of our service and give you an estimate.

When we come out to you, we will assess your whole attic space to see what shape your attic is in and which part of our services will be appropriate for your space, including radiant barrier, removing and replacing insulation, duct work, etc. Give us a call; we’d love to see how we can help your home be more comfortable!

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