Which Attic Service Should I Do First?

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Which Attic Service Should I Do First?

One question we're often asked is, in what order should our customers schedule our services? What should come first, insulation? Ventilation? Radiant barrier? 

Attic Services We Offer

This is a great question! We come into your house and offer a full year-round solution that includes radiant barrier, insulation, ventilation, duct work, cleaning out the old insulation and dust, remediating problems, etc. We do it all! So it can be confusing to look at all the services we offer and see where to start. 

What Service Makes The Most Sense For The Season

If you’re not doing our whole package at once but want to get some of our services at a time, the first thing we do to decide where to start is to look at what season we’re in. Which of our services is going to give you the most comfort, control, and energy savings today? Our first priority is to get you immediate savings and immediate comfort. 

For instance, when it’s a little chilly, people are dealing with dead grass and allergies. So during that season, insulation becomes number one on the list. Radiant barrier would be our second priority, and ventilation the third priority. 

Once we start getting into the summer season when it’s going to be 140-150 degrees in your attic, radiant barrier would be the first priority to lower the heat in your attic. 

So look at the season we’re in, the weather outside and how it’s affecting your attic environment. We talk a lot about controlling your attic, and how controlling the attic leads to controlling the comfort of your living space. Whatever temperatures you’re dealing with at the moment, that’s what we can tailor our services to to get you the most comfort immediately. 

Saving On Your Energy Bills

One of the things we feel we are best at is bringing you a solution that will help you year-round, but prioritizing that solution for the season that you’re in so you get immediate comfort and savings on your energy bill.

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