Why We Install Radiant Barrier In The Winter

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Did you know that if you want to get our full attic package but it’s just not feasible right now, we can do it piece by piece?

You Experience a Rough Summer

We’re doing this for a client right now. The next part we’re doing for them is installing a radiant barrier. Even though it’s cold right now and our client won’t see a huge impact from the radiant barrier right now, he’s going to be ready for the summer! If you suffer from abusive summer electric bills, our radiant barrier will fix that!

After We Install The Radiant Barrier

At some point, after we’re finished installing the radiant barrier we’ll come back and get his old cellulose insulation vacuumed out. The problem with cellulose is that it’s dusty, and it traps moisture and mold. We are going to vacuum it all out, seal up any penetrations, and then blow in a recycled fiberglass insulation. 

Then we’ll be finished, and our client will have a clean, well-insulated attic and be ready for the summer heat!

We’d love to come take a look at your attic and see how we can help you have a more comfortable house!

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