Fort Worth Radiant Barrier

Radiant Barrier is a lightweight material that is used to provide resistance again convection, radiation, and conduction heat flow.  When you install radiant barrier in the attic of your Fort Worth home, you are able to reflect about 97% of the heat coming into the attic, effectively reducing attic temperatures by about 20-45 degrees during the summer.  In the winter, radiant barrier will keep the heat from escaping, keeping your home warmer and saving on energy costs.  This material is specifically designed to create maximum airflow to eliminate moisture.  It’s an excellent investment for you Fort Worth home.

Benefits of Radiant Barrier Installation

Installing radiant barrier in your Fort Worth home comes with many benefits that must not be overlooked.  This material is non-toxic, non-carcinogenic, and safe for your family members and pets.  It is easy to handle and install, requiring to special tools or equipment for installation or yearly maintenance for upkeep.  Because radiant barrier is installed in the attic, homeowners voice concerns about rodents and pests, but rest at ease, because with radiant barrier, no nest support is provided to encourage rodents to make nests.  We guarantee that radiant barrier installation in Fort Worth will meet fire and smoke safety requirements and meet building codes but won’t interfere with cell service.  Consider installing radiant barrier in your home or building and see the many benefits that come with it.

Our Radiant Barrier Is the Best

At Energy Attic in Fort Worth, our radiant barrier is lightweight, yet stronger than any competitors.  Our manufacturing process eliminates wasteful adhesives and films, making it lightweight yet still strong enough to get the job done right.  Many tests have been done on our product to ensure it is the best on the market.  Strength tests were performed to tear the radiant barrier, but no matter the weight, the material would not tear.  The results showed that Energy Attic uses product that is 2 to 3 times stronger than other brands.  Our manufacturers have even gone a step further to avoid the use of adhesives and films in the process, which leads to a lighter radiant barrier that is easier to handle.  Our radiant barrier in Fort Wort is sure to be the best around.

Studies Show Radiant Barrier Is Beneficial

After conducting many studies on the effects of radiant barrier, it was concluded that radiant barrier is indeed beneficial to install.  Attics without any radiant barrier had the highest heating and cooling costs out of anyone in the study. A spray had on 20% improved cooling costs and no heating cost savings.  The most efficient radiant barrier was a rafter applied radiant barrier that decreased cooling costs by 50% and heating costs by 10%.  Installing radiant barrier to either the rafters or the OSB sheathing is a great way to reflect heat and reduce energy costs.  Call today for more information about how installing radiant barrier in your Fort Worth home can be beneficial for you.