Fort Worth Solar Ventilation

Solar ventilation for your Fort Worth home is one of the best options for cooling your attic and home. Not only does it aid in reducing energy costs, but it is an environmentally friendly way to protect that attic and roof. Without a solar ventilation system in your home, the air conditioner in the home may be on, trying to cool the home, but the attic is holding heat that doesn’t allow the home to completely cool. With a solar ventilation system, heat from the attic is ventilated through the system, allowing the attic to cool down, thus cooling the entire home. It is a sure way to improve air temperature in your home while saving on monthly energy bills.

About Our Solar Ventilation Model

A solar ventilation model from Energy Attic in Fort Worth has 5 styles to choose from so that there is an option for every home. A standard flat based model is used with normal pitched roofs and can be ordered with a thermostat or added onto the thermostat of an existing attic fan. Other options for different roofing styles include a remote panel model, gable mount, or curb mount. Each model had a 5 year warranty on the motor and a 10 year warranty on the solar panel and parts, giving you peace of mind.

How a Solar Ventilation Fan Works

A solar ventilation fan is designed to turn on when your attic reaches a certain temperature. For example, if you have set your system to turn on once the temperature in your attic reached 80 degrees, it will kick on and begin to cool the attic. After it has reached a cooler temperature that you have designated, such a 65 degrees, it will shut off. The fan will continue to blow in the morning if the temperature has not yet reached 65 degrees but will shut off when it reached this temperature and won’t click on again until the temperature in the attic is back to 80 degrees. It is designed to suck the heat right out of the attic in your Fort Worth home and can lower attic temperatures by as much as 50 degrees! Less heat in your attic means less work for your AC unit, allowing you to save around 30 percent of your cooling costs for a summer. Expelling warm air is also a great way to prevent moisture in the attic and to keep mold and mildew from growing. In winter, equalizing the temperature in both the home and attic is a great way to avoid ice dams forming, which could cost thousands of dollars in potential repairs to the roof. These systems are electric free and can be installed in under an hour! Extend the life of your roof and save money with a solar ventilation system.