stick pin in dallas

Anytime the weather begins to change, the biggest question is how you are going to stay cool or warm when the outside weather is brutal. Energy Attic in Dallas has a wide variety of solutions to provide to you so the weather will not be frightful, but indoors will be delightful.

Stick Pin Insulation

Many questions arise when we mention stick pin insulation to our customers, the main one being, “What is it?” Stick pin insulation involves metal pins that are glued to or stuck to the material on the ceiling and walls of a building to allow insulation to be installed. Once the pins are in place, then the insulation is pressed onto the pins and held in place with washers that lock it in place.

Why Use Stick Pin Insulation?

Sometimes the area that you need to apply insulation in does not have the proper configuration for us to apply traditional insulation types. Energy Attic in Dallas knows that every situation is unique and we are prepared to provide you with multiple insulation solutions. Using the stick pins allows you to apply the pins where other pin set ups or the construction of the building does not work.

Energy Attic in Dallas

Our main purpose is to help all of our customers be comfortable and save money on energy costs. The insulation solutions we provide will help you with all of that. Our experienced staff in Dallas is focused on our customers and providing them with the very best and most reliable services. Our stick pin insulation usually allows for insulation in places where it may not seem that insulation can be installed.

Give us a call at Energy Attic in Dallas and let us surprise you with our quality service, outstanding insulation solutions, and caring employees who want the very best for you.